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Gap Year


It’s your turn

Gap year

taking time out to travel between life stages. It is also known as sabbatical, time off and time out, referring to a period of time (not necessarily 12 months) in which students disengage from curricular education and undertake non curricular activities, such as travel or work.


GapGuru is a gap travel specialist offering a wide range of exciting gap year volunteering, teaching, travel and internship opportunities across Asia, Africa, South America and Europe. With GapGuru you could be caring for orphans in Africa, working on medical and journalism internships abroad or even enjoying adventure travels in the Himalayas! – travel, experience, share

“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.”
-Albert Einstein, (1879-1955)

First Gap Year Travel

Taking a gap year can be both an exciting and daunting prospect for students as well as people taking a career break. There are so many gap year opportunities available today for the independent or budget traveller from travelling the world with a backpack to working abroad. First Gap Year Travel aims to provide basic information as a starting point for planning your gap year and will cover a variety of subjects including:

  • Making the decision to take a gap year
  • Reassuring parents about taking a gap year

Kaya Responsible Travel

Don’t just travel as a tourist – with Kaya Responsible Travel experience the real world and make a difference. Kaya gives you the opportunity to volunteer abroad, learn a language abroad, gain valuable work experience overseas, take a gap year or become TEFL qualified.

Volunteer in Central and South America, Africa or Asia-Pacific and get involved in environmental and conservation research, building projects, teaching and education, wildlife conservation, community development, child care and sports coaching. Check out our excellent medical and health placements, for those with experience or studying medicine or a related health science.

How far is it to your future?

How far is it to your future?