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What did you learn?

What did you learn in HUM 300?

Some of the learning was convergent, for example, the four tests. I asked: did you learn this? did you learn that? Most of the learning, however, was divergent. You all learned different things, as the reflections clearly show. It was also experiential learning.

At the end of the semester in May, you will have the opportunity to reflect on your learning by making a five-minute (or so) presentation.

First, tell us what you learned in this course. With divergent learning, if you don’t tell me about it, I don’t know. So don’t be shy here.

Second, count to ten and say a couple of words in one of the non-English languages spoken in the country that you studied.

Third, show the web site of an opportunity for U.S. college graduates to study or work  or teach in your country or spend a gap year there. You may instead show us a program you found at that you personally would consider applying to.

Fourth, tell us what questions your final essay is answering.


You can make a slide if you want to. It is fine with me if you just put in all into an email: the text about what you learned, a link to a program, and a list of two or three questions from your essay. If you do that, you are welcome to read all or part of what you learned right off the screen. Then you won’t forget anything.

Remember, with divergent learning, if you don’t tell me about it, I don’t know.

Where in the World Should You Live?

Where in the World Should You Live?